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Meet the POST Team

Herman Post : President (x236)

Herman Post BBA

President (x236)

Josh Post : General Manager (x226)

Josh Post

General Manager (x226)

Nadine Nijenhuis : Bookkeeper (x233)

Nadine Nijenhuis

Bookkeeper (x233)

Amy Schoon : Human Resources Manager (x231)

Amy Schoon BBA, CHRL

Human Resources Manager (x231)

Meaghan Wright : Office Administrator (x227)

Meaghan Wright

Office Administrator (x227)

Dan Hutten : Design Manager (x221)

Dan Hutten

Design Manager (x221)

Halle Ryan : Designer (x229)

Halle Ryan

Designer (x229)

Parry Blancke : Estimator (x230)

Parry Blancke

Estimator (x230)

Joop Feenstra : Project Manager (x243)

Joop Feenstra

Project Manager (x243)

Mike Post : Purchaser (x240)

Mike Post

Purchaser (x240)

Tony Nijenhuis : Project Manager (x249)

Tony Nijenhuis

Project Manager (x249)